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ACFW Journal, Winter, 2012

“The Diversity of God’s Call to Writers“, p. 20 (23 in PDF version)

Note: This is a PDF version. Scroll through to the correct page for the article.


“French Diary,” State Department Magazine, December, 1996.

Foreign Service officers must be proficient in at least one foreign language. Since I flunked the language exam for Spanish (of which I’d taken a few courses), given soon after I entered the Foreign Service, I was placed on language probation and given six months of French language training before my assignment to Algiers. I did NOT score sufficiently high on the exam and went to Algiers still on probation. After being evacuated from there after only three months, I ended up in French-speaking Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A kind tutor managed to lift me to the proper level, shortly before the deadline for resignation over failure to reach a required language level.

Now I enjoy creating characters who speak other languages flawlessly, though I have created one character who has trouble learning to read Arabic.

“Jeddah and the 1991 Gulf War” appeared on the web site American Diplomacy in March, 2006.

The experiences of a neophyte Foreign Service officer who landed in her first assignment just as a war began.

“Bringing In The Kingdom With 51 Percent,” Liberty Magazine, November, 2005.

What I learned about the separation of church and state while living in countries without any.

“Langley Author . . . Releases First in Series of Novel”, South Whidbey Record, July 2011

A newspaper interview on my book, Singing in Babylon.


Guest Blogs

A Pen for Your Thoughts, January 2011

An interview about Singing in Babylon, detailing my inspiration and writing practices.

Sandra Ardoin, February 2011

An entry on how being an American Christian in Muslim countries has influenced my life and writing.

Writing for Christ, February 2011

An interview about Singing in Babylon and life as a writer.

Piedmont Island Trilogy, December 2011

An interview about Searching for Home with an excerpt from the book.

A Pen for Your Thoughts, January 2012

An interview about Quiet Deception, the mystery.




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