From Y’all to Assalamu Alaikum

Y'all Front CoverA twenty-three page memoir traces the author’s transition from her Southern roots to her initial diplomatic assignment in Saudi Arabia. After leaving North America for the first time in her life, she entered a country where travelers must declare their religion on airport landing cards and where women don’t drive. The First Gulf War between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the U.S. and its allies would start a few weeks after her arrival.

In this and subsequent assignments, she found much to love about her job, a job that included working to advance U.S. interests during both Gulf wars. She interviewed foreign nationals who wanted to come to the U.S., visited American children living with a foreign parent in divorce cases, and looked after the interests of Americans jailed in foreign prisons.

Along the way, she gained insights into her Christian faith after viewing it from a region with a different majority religion. 

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