A Simple Dying

The fourth book in the Mark Pacer Series.

One spring day in 1985, Thalia al Shamy, an older American woman living in Cairo, Egypt, receives a letter from a long ago lover. Her response to that letter will affect people known and unknown to her, spreading like ripples from a stone tossed into a pond.

Mark Pacer, an American diplomat, is assigned to the U.S. embassy in Cairo shortly after the murder of another diplomat working out of Mark’s office. Was the murder an act of a terrorist? Or something else?

And how long can he subject his family to increasing danger from the terrorists, who appear to be targeting every airport in Europe and even a cruise ship to Egypt?

As he and his wife, Reye, become friends with Thalia, they wonder about the secrets of her past life and why she refuses to share them. They are frustrated by the struggles of Thalia’s college age daughter with her traditional Egyptian father. Unfortunately, the daughter has been denied American citizenship.

After the murder of another U.S. citizen, Mark determines to bring closure and a saving justice for the victims.




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