If Winter Comes

If Winter Comes-coverwebThe second book in the Mark Pacer Series.

Mark and Reye Pacer, newly married in the late 1970’s, struggle with career assignments to separate countries. Mark heads to a Persian Gulf principality. He visits American children caught in the crossfires of multicultural divorces and is disturbed by hints of human trafficking rings.

Reye settles into her job as a political officer at the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran. A crisis looms between the Iranian government, supported by the United States, and a religious leader known as the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Mark worries about Reye’s safety as he follows the ever worsening news and the threats to the U.S. embassy by radical Iranian students. Jealousy stirs also as he analyzes each phrase of her shortening letters. How attracted is she to her boss as they face the dangers together?

And what about the attractive American woman Mark keeps meeting at embassy gatherings? Why is she interested in him?

The young couple deal with new realities of the last decades of the twentieth century: two-career couples, job-dictated separations, and delayed parenthood. They examine their callings while global relationships threaten ancient cultures.

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