Tempted by Euphoria


We’re familiar with election night euphoria that afflicts the winners. Prosperity, peace, and happiness are ours, all because our party was elected.

Inevitably, the rosy glow gives way to the hard task of governing. Blessed is the elected official who governs for the long haul, who is prepared to understand the temporary nature of popularity. In a democracy, one is wise who governs from the middle. Such a leader realizes that the out group cannot be ignored. Their views must be respected, even by a victorious candidate.

Mohamed Morsi, who a year ago was feted as the first democratically elected president of Egypt, ever, now has been removed by the army. It’s hard to rejoice when the military of any country seizes power. Yet, in a fragile democracy, Morsi, from all accounts, chose to act as though all Egypt was at his feet. He governed in an autocratic style, decreeing that his decisions in “sovereign matters” weren’t subject to judicial review. In November, he took total executive power for himself and pushed through an Islamist constitution.

Let us pray that this takeover is of short duration.  Egypt needs another George Washington, who turned down a chance to become a king. Egypt has known enough pharaohs in its millennia of history.

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